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December 22, 2011
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The Great Detectives by reapersun The Great Detectives by reapersun
*too lazy for new description; copy pasted from tumblr*

This is the poster I painted for Sherlock NYC's drawing at their Season 1 screening event in New York; check out the prizes here: [link] The poster is 13x19 and printed on pearl premium photo paper, and their copy has the Sherlock NYC logo in the bottom left corner.

I won't be able to make it to the actual event but if you live in the area you should go; they're working really hard to make it an awesome event, and it sounds like a lot of fun!

Oh my gosh this took a long time to paint. Although I initially created this for Sherlock NYC, I'm planning to sell a few prints of it later next year at FanimeCon, and maybe a limited number online if there seems to be any interest. For now though the only place to get it is in their drawing!
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JuliiySaito Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
OMG can i marry you?
tobble Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is everywhere on pinterest. I love it so much!
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KazeOkamie Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist
I was wondering if I could use this image on my blog. Of course, I will give credit.
littlefluffytoast Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
This is truly awesome! o3o
unicornomics Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013   General Artist
I love your use of space and detail
Lyn-Kat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Great Sherlock composition! Wow!
They really need to create a full comic anthology with multiple artists and writers to depict Sherlock Holmes (from past to future). They could even publish it through the Sherlock-orientated MX Publishing to help support and restore Doyle's home called Undershaw.

Someone must get Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss on the phone about this!Phonecall
ivana81uy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
excellent work! ♥
BradyMajor Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Too awesome for words, mate.  Exceptional!  
StephRatte Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Professional Artist
WOW. This is SO fantastic!! Amazing work!! :D
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